The American Oil Revolution


The American oil revolution is underway.

the american oil revolution

Thanks to the American oil revolution, the benefits of oil investing are growing, and for serious oil and gas investors, there are more opportunities than ever.

Accredited investors who recognize the opportunity of the American oil revolution and invest in oil and gas wells in the Bakken region not only have the opportunity to build wealth and benefit from significant tax benefits, but have the ability to be a part of making history.

The North Dakota oil boom is about more than just making money and building wealth. The American oil revolution is about taking back America through a laser tight focus on developing energy independence.

We rely on oil. There’s no way around it and there is no alternative energy solution that can meet the needs of our country. Being reliant on something we have to beg for from Middle Eastern countries who spend their time planning our demise is not just foolish; it is humiliating.

Energy independence must be the primary goal of the American oil revolution.

Perhaps at this time of the American oil revolution more than any other time before, the benefits of oil investing are even more significant than financial gain. Oil investing in North Dakota’s Bakken region has transformed the state’s economy and the success in that region may be a critical factor in national economic recovery.

One of the benefits of oil investing is the impact the investor can have on this country. The American oil revolution is directly responsible for the development of enough jobs to give North Dakota the prestige of not only having the lowest unemployment rate in the country but having the lowest rate by a significant amount. Better yet, they’re drawing people from surrounding states just to fill the need, spreading the positive impact beyond North Dakota’s borders and into the rest of the country.

The benefits of oil investing reach far beyond profitability for sophisticated investors and determined oil companies – it may be the solution for achieving energy independence for America. Just since 2008, the growth in production has led to a nearly 20% increase in our ability to supply our own energy. In the face of extreme volatility in the Middle East, energy independence is a goal worth pursuing. Oil tycoons like Harold Hamm have already made billions from investing in oil, boosting the American oil revolution to fever pitch.


The American oil revolution has arrived. Will you be a part of it?

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