The North Dakota Oil Boom and the American Oil Revolution

north dakota oil boom and the american oil revolutionWhat is it about the North Dakota oil boom that has everyone so excited? Consider the role oil has played in this country’s economic success:

In 1901, the Spindletop geyser created feverish excitement about oil, and within 12 months there were more than 1,000 oil companies. Oil literally changed the face of American industry, fueling advances in technology, spurring dramatic growth in steel and iron, and creating overnight wealth.

From the moment people like J. Paul Getty and John D. Rockefeller struck liquid gold, dreams of having another oil boom have been alive and well in the minds of investors.

The oil boom that occurred in the 19th Century created an American oil revolution that led to serious economic growth, rapid economic expansion, and opportunities for all Americans. Given the recent recession and economic uncertainty of the last few years, Americans are desperate for an indication that there is still hope.


The American oil revolution of the 21st Century provides new hope.

The North Dakota oil boom is like no other boom this country has ever experienced. It has already had a significant impact on North Dakota’s economy as well as on job growth and opportunity.

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Oil investors today have an even better chance of impacting the U.S. economy than did their predecessors in the 19th Century, thanks to improvements in technology [link to subpage 1].

Before the North Dakota oil boom was even making a measurable impact, oil and gas was responsible for infusing billion of dollars into the U.S. economy. Investing in oil and gas wells in the Bakken shale region and being a part of the North Dakota oil boom positions serious investors to be a part of history in the making. Not only do investors have the opportunity to protect and build their own wealth but they have the opportunity to help position the United States to achieve energy independence.


The American oil revolution is happening now. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of history in the making.

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