North Dakota Oil Boom

The American Energy Revolution

Few moments come along in life that offer you the opportunity to be a part of history in the making, but the North Dakota oil boom may very well be history in the making.

The North Dakota Oil Boom: the key to economic recovery for the United States?

Politicians make claims about economic recovery every time an election rolls around, but the truth is that until we choose to pursue a path of energy independence, our economic future will continue to be as uncertain as stability in the Middle East.



  • The North Dakota Oil Boom is here to stay and is quickly becoming an American Oil Revolution
  • The Bakken Oil Fields will be producing oil & gas for the next several decades
  • There are other shale regions in the country with Bakken like potential to create another boom like the one happening in the North Dakota oil fields but there is only one Bakken
  • NO progress, economic or otherwise, will be made without serious Bakken oil investment
  • America’s future depends on our willingness to stop relying on foreign oil supplies, and it begins with an American oil revolution.
  • The oil-rich Bakken fields offer America’s ripest opportunity for economic recovery, out-producing estimates by the USGS and prospectors for the last decade.

The North Dakota oil boom is real.

According to the USGS, the Bakken oil fields represent the largest oil accumulation in the contiguous states.

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