Gas Investing

North Dakota oil fields offer more than just oil investing opportunities. They offer gas investing opportunities as well.

gas investing in North Dakota oil fieldsGas investing in the North Dakota oil fields offers a huge opportunity to investors interested in both improving ROI as well as being at the forefront of the energy revolution. Even more than oil, the demand for Natural Gas continues to grow at an exponential rate, and investors who participate in gas investing in the North Dakota oil fields will benefit. Where oil sometimes carries the stigma of its fossil origins, gas investing in the North Dakota oil fields is an investment in a clean, efficient technology that has the opportunity to help revolutionize energy.

The primary benefit of gas investing in the North Dakota oil fields (beyond the financial incentive of investing in a product that has a global demand that will position investors to benefit from the upward price pressure) is that natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel in existence, and is therefore embraced by many as a better alternative for everything from heating homes to operating vehicles.

Gas Investing Opportunities in the North Dakota Oil Fields

Natural gas is also primarily obtained from North America, and additional gas investing in the North Dakota oil fields will ensure that the U.S. economy continues to benefit from the increased demand for gas. Where most of the oil we use must be imported from the Middle East, more than 80 percent of our gas demand can be met domestically. As that demand increases, gas investing is the surest way to prevent us from having to rely on unstable foreign sources. The more gas investing and conversion to natural gas that occurs, the less we must rely on foreign oil supplies as well, and a combination of domestic oil and gas investing in the North Dakota oil fields can push the U.S. into total self-reliance for energy.

Because using natural gas is both economical and efficient, those who participate in gas investing in the North Dakota oil fields are investing in a highly marketable product. Not only can natural gas be used to heat homes and businesses and power vehicles, but it can be used to heat water, cook, provide clean burning heat for fireplaces, and power air conditioners at a significant savings over electrical energy.

New Technology Makes Gas Investing in the North Dakota Oil Fields More Exciting

For the investor who has not yet considered gas investing, consider this: since the 1980s, the number of residential homes constructed using natural gas for heating, cooking, and hot water has increased by 70 percent. Combine that knowledge with the recent technological advancements, including hydraulic fracturing and the more recent phenomenon of waterless fracking in the North Dakota oil fields, which increases production while minimizing the environmental impact, and it is easy to see why now is the time to consider gas investing.


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