Where Are the Best Oil Investments in North Dakota & Beyond?

& &Within the United States, there are quite a few areas producing oil, and oil investments are proliferating in these areas. This growth in oil and gas production has allowed the U.S. to advance domestically and rely less on foreign resources. Domestic oil investments not only further this nation’s independence regarding energy, but it profits the overall economy.

Where to Find the Best Oil Investments

american-flag-oilRecently, there has been a great deal of discussion regarding the Bakken formation located in North Dakota and stretching into Montana, and oil investments to that area have been pouring in.

The Bakken & Its Technological Advancements

The Bakken has thrown North Dakota forward as the second largest oil-producing state in the U.S. with the use of hydraulic fracturing production has increased tremendously, not just concerning oil but other natural resources as well. It is an oil boom that has not been seen for a number of years, and investors are certainly taking advantage with strategic oil investments. It is predicted that billions of barrels of oil lie within this formation, creating one of the best locations for oil investments.

Oil Investments in North Dakota & Beyond

While North Dakota is the second largest oil-producing state, and oil investments there have been extremely successful, it should not be forgotten that Texas is and has been the first choice in oil investments. Production of oil in Texas may have slowed before hydraulic fracturing, but since this technology has been implemented production has boomed like never before. The Permian Basin is an area to consider for oil investments. Texas is home to various oil and gas companies, gaining from the rich resource that rests beneath the surface. Many oil investments are based in Texas, where the oil does not seem to ever stop flowing.

Oil and gas fields exist in other states as well, such as Alaska, and states within the Mid-Continent Oil Province that extends from Kansas to New Mexico. The U.S. has incredible potential for oil investments, and they are not difficult to find. Once an investor has settled on where the best oil investments exist, they can move forward in selecting a profitable company. With the world starting to depend on the U.S. for its oil, the best oil investments can be found domestically.

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