Oil Exploration Investment

Oil exploration investment in the North Dakota oil fields is a different type of oil investment that focuses more on finding new oil opportunities than on existing opportunities.

While the risk of an oil exploration investment can be somewhat higher, it in no way compares to the risk taken by wildcatters of the 19th Century, for one significant reason: we now have technology that allows us to see where the oil is in the North Dakota oil fields.

oil exploration investmentWhile being able to see the oil and being able to extract it are two different things (accounting for the inherent risk involved in oil exploration investment) the fact remains that the chances of striking oil in the 21st Century in the North Dakota oil fields are about five times better than they were in the 19th Century thanks to better technology. So while oil exploration investment is a risk, it is a risk that can have enormous payouts.

Before technology changed the oil exploration investment game, explorers drilled “blind” in spots that were likely to have oil reserves – along creek beds and in areas where oil was likely. Now, hunting for oil reserves in the North Dakota oil fields is a sophisticated and highly technological process involving an in-depth understanding of geology and specialized equipment that can identify the petroleum trapped in the layers of rock both in the land and under water.

New Technology in the North Dakota oil fields

Oil exploration investment in the North Dakota oil fields puts petroleum engineers to work determining whether or not hydrocarbons and ore deposits are present at the site. If they are, then a gravity survey may be performed as well as a magnetic survey. Finally, a seismic survey can be done which provides a picture of the layers of earth below the ground. This information can be used to determine with some precision where to drill in the North Dakota oil fields. None of this can happen without oil exploration investment, and while there is a cost to all of the exploration, a successful well will often provide a significant return on the oil exploration investment.

Oil exploration investment in the North Dakota oil fields is a much-needed area of investment in this country. While the Bakken shale has enough oil to make us partially energy independent, finding additional reserves in the North Dakota oil fields and around the country, and establishing additional new wells will take us further toward that goal as a country. Because of the risks involved in oil exploration investment, investors must be accredited, meeting specific financial criteria.

Avoid Fraud when Investing in the North Dakota Oil Fields

For those interested in oil exploration investment in the North Dakota oil fields, it is best to invest with a reputable drilling company that has an established track record. Reputable companies do not solicit investors, do not send out marketing materials, and do not use high pressure sales tactics to obtain oil exploration investments.


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