How Do I Invest in Oil?

Investors often ask whether or not they should invest in oil. The question is not whether you should invest in oil. Rather, it is more important to consider how to invest in oil. A smart investment in oil markets can yield a large payoff. Oil and gas is a booming industry with high demand, creating an investment opportunity that is too promising to pass up.

Different Ways to Invest in Oil

There are various ways in which an individual can invest in oil. A simple option is an Oil ETF, or oil exchange traded funds, which allow an investor to access the price and performance of oil without specifically owning the oil. An Oil ETF is typically bundled, avoiding commission costs, and there are large tax advantages due to the fact that taxes are not incurred until the actual sale of the fund. It is a stable method to invest in oil and is a great beginning strategy.

invest in oilFor those that are looking for a more direct approach to invest in oil, oil and gas UITs (unit investment trusts) invest directly in production or exploratory drilling. The income and expenses are then derived from the oil and natural gas that is produced. Although the risk is higher, the gains are also much greater with this type of investment in oil. This income can also be eligible for depletion production in regards to taxes, as well as other unique advantages that should be considered when investing in oil and gas.

The Best Ways to Invest in Oil

It is also possible to invest in an oil and gas working interest. A working interest allows the investor to have ownership interest in the well and benefit from not only a share in the revenue generated from the well but also the ability to deduct and depreciate well drilling and production expenses, even if the well does not produce.

When deciding how to invest in oil and gas, the aforementioned strategies are but a few that are available to progressive investors. Purchasing stocks, investing in royalties, and joining a partnership are other common ways in which once can invest in oil, with the opportunity to receive incredible benefits in return. How to invest in oil is an important decision, and there are approaches that fit every life style.

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